I heard recently of a chapter that has a Trivial Pursuit like game. They use the board and pieces of Trivial Pursuit but replace the cards with cards that they make that have questions from the chapter's history and the Fraternity's history. This is very helpful and fun for the Phikeia the week before they take the final test.

Please share your chapter's positive Phikeia education activities

One outstanding activity a chapter can do with their Phikeia is to incorporate campus history in the Education Program. This will broaden the Phikeia Program, and will promote School Spirit as well as grow an appreciation of the Fraternity during the Phikeia Program.

There are many ways this can be accomplished, but one effective way is to ask the Phikeia to complete a History project and give a presentation at one of the final Phikeia Meetings. To facilitate this, the chapter and Phikeia Educator should provide the Phikeia with contact information for Faculty/Staff and Alumni with knowledge of your institution, and tips/assistance in creating the presentation.

Another way to include the the University would be to hold a Phikeia Meeting in a historic location on campus, and then discuss the significance as part of the education process

Make Phikeia Expectations and Requirements Clear

Another idea that may beneficial is to clearly state what is going to be required of the Phikeia during the program by creating a list of expectations and requirements. It is a great way to create a positive, but still challenging program and requires the Phikeia to meet high standards that will hopefully translate to them becoming a great member.

Here is a list of expectations and requirements that you could possibly use:

• Maintenance of a GPA no less than 3.0
• Attend at least 6 mandatory study hours
• 80% on all Phikeia exams
• Attainment of at least 80% on the cumulative final exam
• Attendance at all Phikeia events (unless excused)
• Participation in the Phikeia Philanthropy Event
• Completion of the Phikeia Social Event
• Completion of the Phikeia Brotherhood Event
• Completion of the Phikeia Recruitment Event
• Active participation in another campus organization outside of Phi Delta Theta

Activity - The Electric Mat

Supplies Needed:

Masking Tape

Suggested Time: 30 Minutes

Set Up Instructions:

Create a checkerboard type design on the floor with the masking tape, with each square large enough for one person to stand in and have a comfortable amount of standing room.

On a piece of paper, draw small version of the checkerboard design that is on the floor. On this copy, fill in boxes to create a "path" from the left side (side A) of the area to the right side of the area (side B), and then on another copy of the grid fill in a opposite "path" from side B to side A of the area.
The path can go in whatever way the activity leader wishes, but must start on one side and end on the other. Both paths must be the same number of spaces, and must cross somewhere in the middle.

Activity Instructions:

Divide the Phikeia class into two groups, and direct one group to side A and one group to side B. Inform them that one side is Team A and one side is Team B, and it is there goal to get their entire team from their side of the grid to the other, sending one person at a time until their entire group has crossed to the other side. There is only one "path" for each side (which was drawn on the piece of paper, but the team cannot see). Only one person from each side can walk across at a time, and if they incorrectly step, they must return to their teams side and wait for the rest of the team to cycle through before they attempt again. The activity leader will say "no" or make a noise if one of the members steps into the wrong box and goes down the incorrect path. When all members of one side are across, the activity is finished. The groups are given two minutes to discuss a strategy at the beginning, and then are not allowed to communicated verbally until the end of the activity. If the groups are continually starting over or getting stuck, allow for a few minutes for them to resume speech to reevaluate.

Activity Purpose:

The activity teaches basic teamwork, planning, problem solving, and non-verbal communication. Also, more than likely, the groups will be come "competitive", and one team will try to get across before the other. After the activity, ask for feedback on what they were supposed to learn.

If the competitive nature happens, explain to the Phikeia that it was not a competition, but that the rules explained that the entire group has to cross to the other side, and they could have been helping each other as opposed to inhibiting each other.