Alumni Secretary's Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Develop and maintain alumni relations.
  2. Ensure that consistent alumni communication occurs.
  3. Act as a liaison between the alumni house corporation and chapter advisory board.
  4. Maintain biographical and address files on alumni.
  5. Acknowledge all gifts and correspondence from alumni.
  6. Teach Phikeias and active brothers the importance of alumni relations.
  7. Publish an Alumni Newsletter at least twice a year

Techniques for the Alumni Secretary:
  1. Communicate early and often to Alumni
  2. Include Alumni updates in your newsletter-Alumni like hearing about people they remember from their active days
  3. Contact Alumni through a variety of mediums (phone calls, letters, email, newsletters)
  4. Establish long and short-term goals. Decide what you want to accomplish and devise a way to achieve your goals. Create a mission statement for your chapter’s alumni relations.
  5. Develop an annual calendar or timeline listing all events, mailings, and correspondence to promote a regular and lasting relationship with your alumni.
  6. Coordinate with the Phikeia Educator to begin a Mentor Program with alumni members and Phikeia or chapter members.
  7. Keep a folder of correspondence that needs a reply on your desk. When you have time, write a reply. (All letters, even if it isn’t requested, deserve a response.) By having this folder on your desk, others on your committee can write replies as well.
  8. Coordinate alumni gatherings and recruitment functions together. Nothing can impress prospective members more than a successful alumnus.
  9. Try to learn as many names as you can. People feel more a part of the chapter if members “know” who they are and use their name.
  10. Invite alumni to your chapter. Nothing works better than a personal invitation, but don’t just leave it open. Be specific. “Mr. Alumnus, why don’t you visit for our Scholarship Dinner next month? We would all enjoy your company.”
  11. Use your chapter advisory board. The best way to foster a good rapport between a few alumni and brothers is through this board.
  12. Communicate often with the board members.
  13. Meet your university/college director of alumni relations. This person can be invaluable for ideas and help if you need it. They get paid to do for the university/college what you have volunteered to do for your chapter.
  14. Founders Day. Holding a Founders Day celebration can be as big or an even bigger draw of alumni than Homecoming. If you don’t currently have one each year, you are missing out on a great opportunity.
  15. Proof read, proof read, proof read.
  16. Be creative. What can you do to improve your alumni program? Get people excited about your chapter.
  17. Thank both publicly and privately. Remember, alumni donate to your school and the International Fraternity in addition to your chapter. Recognize these people in your newsletter and thank them in person.
  18. Don’t send out the same old letter. Nothing is more boring than a "please come back for Homecoming" letter. Make the letter interesting; send a newspaper clipping; don’t miss a chance to transmit the Fraternity.

Alumni Programming:

A minimum of one of the following activities should be held per academic year:
  • Homecoming
  • Reunions
  • Anniversaries (When Applicable)
  • Founders Day
Other additional alumni events to the aforementioned can include:
  • Chapter Dinners
  • Initiation
  • Phikeia Induction
  • Golf Tournament
  • Alumni Induction
  • Softball Game
  • Family Picnic

Communicating with Alumni:

Best Practices/ Things that Work:

Things that Don't Work: