Duties and Responsiblities of the Treasurer:
  1. Inform all members (including Phikeia) of their financial responsibility to Phi Delta Theta.
  2. Collect all monies owed to the Chapter, including those from members that may have graduated or left the Chapter owing money, in a timely manner.
  3. Ensure full payment of all accounts payable is made in a timely manner.
  4. Prepare a balanced budget by the beginning of each school year to ensure the chapter does not incur debt. Make sure each officer is aware of the funds that has been budgeted for him to work with.
  5. Maintain a complete and organized set of bookkeeping records (bank statements, tax information, GHQ invoices, money collected, checkbook, etc.)
  6. Submit to James R. Favor and Company payment for all liability insurance (and all other applicable charges) by October 1.
  7. Prepare monthly treasurer reports and submit to your Chapter Advisory Board, Province President, and GHQ.
  8. Be familiar with and enforce all rules and regulations regarding finances set by the General Fraternity and your chapter.
  9. Delegate appropriate tasks and responsibilities to an assistant to help in the fulfillment of all duties and responsibilities.
  10. Submit to the General Fraternity all Phikeia dues within 10 days of Phikeia induction. Submit all initiation dues within 10 days of initiation.
  11. Maintain a good financial standing with the university/college and IFC by paying all bills by the due date.
  12. Prepare and deliver officer reports at each executive committee and chapter meeting.
  13. Be aware of all chapter obligations concerning financial matters and guarantee that you successor is aware of those as well.

Yearly Fees to Budget for:
  1. Phikeia Dues (10 days after Induction)
  2. Initiation Dues (10 days after Initiation)
  3. Covention Fund and Leadership Conference Fund (October and April)
  4. Membership Dues (Early Spring)
  5. Liablity/Property Insurance (Early Fall)
  6. Recruitment Budget
  7. Rent Payments