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The University of South Florida charter in Tampa in 1956 and began classes in 1960 with a Charter Class of 680 students.
Realizing that it might be years before the named greek letter fraternities would be estblished, a group of 32 youngmen founded Arete Fraternal Society (Air-rah- tae) which held its first meeting in the late fall of 1960 and was the frist fraternal group to be formed at USF.
Lead by Robert L. Bobier its first president the group began to excell almost at once. The first honorary member was Governor Farris Bryant. Three of the first five Student Senators to the University Senate were Aretes and the first student body president was James Woodroffe.
The group had many service projects most noteable of which was working at the Florida Sheriff's Boy' Ranch.
In 1956 greek letter fraternities were invited to the campus and after careful consideration Arete decided to become the Florida Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Theta.
The Chapter was installed on April 7, 1967 at the Scottish Rite Temple in downtown Tampa. Ben Brown nationally know author was then the president and became Bond #1. C. T. "Tal" Bray was initiated as Bond #2 and later became President of the General Council. From that first group emerged many successful men in law, education, military service and other endevors.
Arete was a great success as has been Florida Epsilon