During the 1996 Spring semester the Inter-Fraternity Council at Embry-Riddle realized the need for another fraternity
The original founders of the Florida Mu chapter of Phi Delta Theta
The original founders of the Florida Mu chapter of Phi Delta Theta
on campus. After a competition between several national fraternities, Phi Delta Theta was selected by the Inter-Fraternity Council.

The following fall semester a Phi Delta Theta interest group was formed on campus. The interest group consisting of 35 men. Began taking steps to meet the requirements to become a Colony of Phi Delta Theta. This took just one semester, and on December 11, 1996 the Florida Mu Colony was formed.

The Colony in it’s infancy encountered many troubles. Brothers returned for the spring semester of 1997 to find that most of the Colony’s leadership had left the university. New leadership took over, and the Colony continued. The biggest blow was yet to come. Brothers returned from the summer of 97 to find all but nine brothers had left the university.

The brothers moved on none the less. That semester Florida Mu conducted it’s first rush. The Beta Class of four men were formed. Three of them were initiated. Things were beginning to turn around. The next semester the Colony had the most successful rush on campus. The Gamma Class consisting of 12 men was formed. All 12 were initiated and Florida Mu doubled in size.

After almost folding, the Florida Mu Colony is stronger than ever. The fall of 98 was a great one. In addition to pledging the 14 men of Delta class. Florida Mu Colony also executed two philanthropy events, helped organize a quad social with two sororities and another fraternity, and worked the Pepsi 400 to raise money.

On April 17, 1999 the Florida Mu Colony was Installed, and became the Florida Mu Chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

The original founders of the Florida Mu chapter of Phi Delta Theta pictured above are:
Bradley J. Garms, Micheal P. Stein, Phillip Snyder, Corey Gustafson, Joseph C. Breno, Nick Feliciano, Kris Black, Vincent DeSilva, Chris Swords, Keith Waters, Rick Caso, Lupe Moreno, Josh Thompson, Roger S. McCubbin II, Hendrik Scheel, Robert Krysiak, Jeremy Yackel, Beau Ashley, Andrew L. West, Mike O'Niell, Mathew Mulligan, David Early, Milton Reese, Erik Fowler, Brain Eurice, John Struys III, Samuel Sevier, Pete Elmer, Dicky Mulyana, Matt Hayden, Jason Haselby