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The Phi Delta Theta wiki is a tool that can be used for collaboration efforts amongst the Fraternity's membership, The wiki allows Phi Delts to share ideas and best practices, develop chapter histories, build officer programs, and much more, all while creating synergies and capturing the vast array of knowledge from Phi Delts everywhere.

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The International Fraternity encourages brothers to experiment with online discussions as a way to increase communication among members. However, these discussion boards are not monitored or controlled by, nor do they in any way constitute official content of the International Fraternity. Rather they represent the views, opinions and activities of the individual members. Comments and suggestions may be sent by e-mail or by phone to the General Headquarters staff at (513) 523-6345 or ghq@phideltatheta.org.

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Chapter Histories:

Alabama Alpha
University of Alabama
Alabama Beta
Auburn University
Alabama Gamma
Southern University
Alberta Alpha
University of Alberta
Alberta Beta
University of Calgary
Arizona Alpha
University of Arizona
Arizona Beta
Arizona State University
Arizona Gamma
Northern Arizona University
Arkansas Alpha
University of Arkansas
British Columbia Alpha
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Beta
University of Victoria
California Alpha
University of California-Berkeley
California Beta
Stanford University
California Delta
University of Southern California
California Epsilon
University of California - Davis
California Eta
University of California - Santa Barbara
California Gamma
University of California - Los Angeles
California Iota
San Jose State University
California Kappa
University of California - San Diego
California Lambda
University of the Pacific
California Mu
Univ. of California - Riverside
California Nu
California Polytechnic State University
California Omicron
California State University - Sacramento
California Pi
San Diego State University
California Rho
University of La Verne
California Sigma
Sonoma State University
California Tau
California State University - Stanislaus
California Theta
University of California - Irvine
California Xi
California State University - Chico
California Zeta
California State University Northridge
Colorado Alpha
University of Colorado
Colorado Beta
Colorado College
Colorado Gamma
Colorado State University
Connecticut Alpha
Central Connecticut State University
Connecticut Beta
University of Hartford
Delaware Alpha
University of Delaware
Florida Alpha
University of Florida
Florida Beta
Rollins College
Florida Delta
University of Miami
Florida Epsilon
University of South Florida
Florida Eta
University of West Florida
Florida Gamma
Florida State University
Florida Iota
University of Central Florida
Florida Kappa
Florida International University
Florida Lambda
Ringling School of Art and Design
Florida Mu
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Florida Nu
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Theta
University of Tampa
Florida Zeta
Jacksonville University
Georgia Alpha
University of Georgia
Georgia Alpha Prime
Oglethorpe University
Georgia Beta
Emory University
Georgia Delta
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Epsilon
Georgia Southern University
Georgia Gamma
Mercer University
Georgia Zeta
Georgia College
Idaho Alpha
University of Idaho
Illinois Alpha
Northwestern University
Illinois Beta
University of Chicago
Illinois Delta
Knox College
Illinois Delta-Zeta
Knox College
Illinois Epsilon
Illinois Wesleyan University
Illinois Eta
University of Illinois
Illinois Gamma
Monmouth College
Illinois Iota
Eastern Illinois University
Illinois Theta
Lake Forest College
Illinois Zeta
Lombard College
Indiana Alpha
Indiana University
Indiana Beta
Wabash College
Indiana Delta
Franklin College
Indiana Epsilon
Hanover College
Indiana Eta
Indiana State University
Indiana Gamma
Butler University
Indiana Iota
Valparaiso University
Indiana Kappa
Ball State University
Indiana Lambda
University of Southern Indiana
Indiana Theta
Purdue University
Indiana Zeta
DePauw University
Iowa Alpha
Iowa Wesleyan College
Iowa Beta
University of Iowa
Iowa Delta
Drake University
Iowa Gamma
Iowa State University
Kansas Alpha
University of Kansas
Kansas Beta
Washburn University
Kansas Delta
Wichita State University
Kansas Epsilon
Emporia State University
Kansas Eta
Kansas State University-Salina
Kansas Gamma
Kansas State University
Kansas Zeta
Southwestern College
Kentucky Alpha
Centre College
Kentucky Alpha-Delta
Centre College
Kentucky Beta
Kentucky Military Institute
Kentucky Delta
Central University
Kentucky Epsilon
University of Kentucky
Kentucky Eta
Western Kentucky University
Kentucky Gamma
Georgetown College
Kentucky Iota
University of Louisville
Kentucky Theta
Eastern Kentucky University
Kentucky Zeta
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Louisiana Alpha
Tulane University
Louisiana Beta
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Delta
Louisiana State University - Shreveport
Louisiana Gamma
University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Maine Alpha
Colby College
Manitoba Alpha
University of Manitoba
Maryland Alpha
University of Maryland
Maryland Beta
McDaniel College
Maryland Delta Colony
Johns Hopkins University
Maryland Gamma
Washington College
Massachusetts Alpha
Williams College
Massachusetts Beta
Amherst College
Massachusetts Gamma
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michigan Alpha
University of Michigan
Michigan Beta
Michigan State University
Michigan Delta
Kettering University
Michigan Epsilon
Northwood University
Michigan Gamma
Hillsdale College
Minnesota Alpha
University of Minnesota
Minnesota Beta
Minnesota State University Mankato
Mississippi Alpha
University of Mississippi
Mississippi Beta
Mississippi State University
Missouri Alpha
University of Missouri
Missouri Beta
Westminster College
Missouri Beta Prime
Central Methodist University
Missouri Delta
Saint Louis University
Missouri Epsilon
Missouri State University
Missouri Eta
Missouri Western State University
Missouri Gamma
Washington University
Missouri Theta
Northwest Missouri State University
Missouri Zeta
Southeast Missouri State University
Montana Alpha
University of Montana-Missoula
Montana Beta
Montana State University
Nebraska Alpha
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Nebraska Beta
University of Nebraska - Kearney
Nebraska Gamma
Creighton University
Nevada Alpha
University of Nevada, Reno
Nevada Beta
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
New Hampshire Alpha
Dartmouth College
New Hampshire Beta
Southern New Hampshire University
New Jersey Alpha
Rutgers State University of New Jersey
New Mexico Alpha
University of New Mexico
New Mexico Beta
New Mexico State University
New York Alpha
Cornell University
New York Beta
Union College
New York Delta
Columbia University
New York Epsilon
Syracuse University
New York Eta
Rochester Institute of Technology
New York Gamma
Coll. of the City of New York
New York Iota
State Univ. of New York - Buffalo
New York Theta
State Univ. of New York-Oneonta
New York Zeta
Colgate University
North Carolina Alpha
Duke University
North Carolina Beta
University of North Carolina
North Carolina Delta
North Carolina State University
North Carolina Gamma
Davidson College
North Dakota Alpha
University of North Dakota
Nova Scotia Alpha
Dalhousie University
Ohio Alpha
Miami University
Ohio Beta
Ohio Wesleyan University
Ohio Delta
College of Wooster
Ohio Epsilon
University of Akron
Ohio Eta
Case Western Reserve University
Ohio Gamma
Ohio University
Ohio Gamma Prime
Wittenberg University
Ohio Iota
Denison University
Ohio Kappa
Bowling Green State University
Ohio Lambda
Kent State University
Ohio Mu
Ashland University
Ohio Nu
Youngstown State University
Ohio Theta
University of Cincinnati
Ohio Zeta
Ohio State University
Oklahoma Alpha
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Beta
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Delta
Cameron University
Oklahoma Gamma
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Ontario Alpha
University of Toronto
Ontario Beta
University of Western Ontario
Ontario Delta
York University
Ontario Epsilon
Carleton University
Ontario Gamma
McMaster University
Ontario Zeta
Brock University
Oregon Alpha
University of Oregon
Oregon Beta
Oregon State University
Oregon Delta
Oregon Institute of Technology
Oregon Epsilon
Portland State University
Oregon Gamma
Willamette University
Pennsylvania Alpha
Lafayette College
Pennsylvania Beta
Gettysburg College
Pennsylvania Delta
Allegheny College
Pennsylvania Epsilon
Dickinson College
Pennsylvania Eta
Lehigh University
Pennsylvania Gamma
Washington & Jefferson College
Pennsylvania Iota
University of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Kappa
Swarthmore College
Pennsylvania Lambda
Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Mu
Widener University
Pennsylvania Nu
West Chester University
Pennsylvania Omicron
Shippensburg University
Pennsylvania Pi
Robert Morris University
Pennsylvania Theta
Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania Xi
Clarion University
Pennsylvania Zeta
University of Pennsylvania
Quebec Alpha
McGill University
Rhode Island Alpha
Brown University
South Carolina Alpha
Wofford College
South Carolina Beta
University of South Carolina
South Carolina Gamma
Clemson University
South Dakota Alpha
University of South Dakota
Tennessee Alpha
Vanderbilt University
Tennessee Beta
University of the South
Tennessee Delta
Tennessee Technological University
Tennessee Epsilon
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Tennessee Gamma
University of Tennessee
Tennessee Zeta
Belmont University
Texas Alpha
Trinity College
Texas Alpha Prime
Austin College
Texas Beta
University of Texas - Austin
Texas Delta
Southern Methodist University
Texas Epsilon
Texas Tech University
Texas Eta
Stephen F. Austin State University
Texas Gamma
Southwestern University
Texas Iota
Lamar University
Texas Kappa
University of Texas - Arlington
Texas Lambda
Baylor University
Texas Mu
Texas State University-San Marcos
Texas Nu
Texas A & M University
Texas Omicron
University of North Texas
Texas Pi
Sam Houston State University
Texas Rho
Texas A & M - Corpus Christi
Texas Sigma
Schreiner University
Texas Tau
University of Texas - El Paso
Texas Theta
West Texas A & M University
Texas Xi
University of Texas - San Antonio
Texas Zeta
Texas Christian University
Utah Alpha
University of Utah
Vermont Alpha
University of Vermont
Virginia Alpha
Roanoke College
Virginia Beta
University of Virginia
Virginia Delta
University of Richmond
Virginia Epsilon
Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Eta
Virginia Poly. Institute & State University
Virginia Gamma
Randolph-Macon College
Virginia Theta
Lynchburg College
Virginia Zeta
Washington & Lee University
Washington Alpha
University of Washington
Washington Beta
Whitman College
Washington Delta
University of Puget Sound
Washington Epsilon
Eastern Washington University
Washington Gamma
Washington State University
West Virginia Alpha
West Virginia University
West Virginia Beta
Marshall University
Wisconsin Alpha
University of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Beta
Lawrence University
Wisconsin Delta
Marquette University
Wisconsin Epsilon
St. Norbert College
Wisconsin Gamma
Ripon College
Wyoming Alpha
University of Wyoming