• Meet with your professors at least once a semester / Sit in the front of class
  • Study 1 hour per class per week
  • Register to vote
  • Get a day planner to manage your time

  • Run for a Phikeia officer position
  • Recruit at least 1 other person to join the fraternity
  • Contribute 5 names to the wish list
  • Miss no more than 1 Phikeia or chapter meeting each semester
  • Meet the members of your CAB
  • Provide chapter feedback about Phikeia education or rush process

Campus / Community:
  • Join 1 campus organization outside of Phi Delta Theta
  • Volunteer for at least 1 service event per semester
  • Attend 2 University sponsored events each semester
  • Participate in intramurals

  • Begin looking into internships and career options
  • Meet all professors during officer hours
  • Job shadow a professional in your field
  • Create a fitness plan with a brother
  • Read a book recreationally
  • Meet with an academic advisor

  • Serve on a chapter committee or run for office
  • Recruit at least one new member
  • Become a big brother
  • Visit another Phi Delt chapter

Campus / Community:
  • Attend campus sporting events
  • Join a service organization
  • Attend an IFC or SGA meeting
  • Introduce yourself to the Greek advisor

  • Pursue internships and other career opportunities
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Seek out a mentor outside of the chapter
  • Attend presentation or talk on campus

  • Run for office / exec position / IFC position
  • Actively participate in recruitment
  • Review chapter bylaws and make recommendations
  • Attend a leadership conference
  • View a Phi Delt webinar

Campus / Community:
  • Take on a leadership position in an on campus organization or SGA
  • Volunteer / Community Service
  • Organize a community service event on campus
  • Join an honorary society or professional organization
  • Visit career services center for mock interview or resume workshops
  • Attend a job fair
  • Increase or begin contribution to savings
  • Read a specific book for career field outside of class

  • Mentor a chapter officer
  • Hold ritual workshop with other seniors for the chapter
  • Contact / Join a local Phi Delt Alumni club
  • Join the True Blue society

Campus / Community:
  • Serve as a leader in other student organization
  • Serve as a leader in a service organization
  • Join campus alumni association
  • Meet prominent community member