University of Nevada, Reno
external image Reno.jpgThe University of Nevada was originally founded in Elko, Nevada in 1874.However, in 1885, the state legislature voted to close the Elko institution and the fledgling institution was moved from Elko to its current home in Reno, where classes began two years later. The school, thus moved to Reno, has flourished ever since.
As Nevada’s land-grant institution, the University has been instrumental in the history of the nation's fastest-growing state. When the University opened in 1874 as the University Preparatory School in Elko, it was located 300 miles east of the state’s Virginia City-Carson City-Reno population base. State officials relocated the university to Reno in 1885, and its first year of formal college-level study was in 1887. Until 1957, the University of Nevada served as the only state-supported higher-education institution in the Silver State.
Nevada Alpha - Phi Delta Theta
On the side streets of the University, a local club known as Phi Delta Alpha sought after recognition to become a full fledge fraternity. Seeking colonization, the chapter turned to the international chapter of Phi Delta Theta. In 1972, the California Alpha chapter, University of California, Berkley, came to induct the Reno chapter into the fraternity. The local colony known as Phi Delta Alpha was thus installed as the Nevada Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta officially on April 22, 1972.
Bond #1: Glen Goza external image FoundersNevadaAlpha.jpg
Bond #2: Gregory Roush
Bond #3: Joseph Kay
Bond #4: Alan Glover
Bond #5: Scott Hesse
Bond #6: Robert Peck
Bond #7: Robert Hennigsen
Bond #8: Steven Wooden
Bond #9: Allan Mandell
Bond #10: Chris McKenna
Bond #11: Lloyd Kegney
Bond #12: Gregory Gibbena
Bond #13: Larry Wilson
Bond #14: William Cushing
Bond #15: Roland Cram
Bond #16: Larry Frank
Bond #17: Les Peterson
Bond #18: Ronald Cameron
Bond #19: Robert Price
Bond #20: Edward Frazer
Bond #21: John Stodieck
Bond #22: Charles Fletcher
Bond #23: Thomas Wood
Bond #24: Richard Edler
Bond #25: Robert Ceccareli
Bond #26: Dennis Murphy
Since its induction to Phi Delta Theta, the Nevada Alpha chapter has initiated over 400 men into the brotherhood of Phi Delta Theta.

In 1982, the expanding size of the chapter forced us to move from our chapter house on University St. (which is now occupied by TKE) to our current residence at 735 West Street. In 1990, in the week proceeding Christmas, the chapter was forced to move out ofthe house and was unable to return as the rightful owner until 1994. We have remained at the house ever since with Nevada payday loan.

external image agb5.jpgThen, in 1997, Nevada Alpha was one of the first chapters of Phi Delta Theta to go dry. In May of 2000, Phi Delta Theta became the first fraternity to go dry internationally.
Ever since their initialization, the chapter has won awards both by Phi Delta Theta's headquarters and the University's Interfarternal Council. These awards repertoire include Chapter of the Year, recruitment awards, risk management awards, and other notable awards.