Phikeia Educator's Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Plan and prepare the Phikeia education program.
  2. Chair the Phikeia committee, who responsibilities are:
    • Organize the Phikeia induction ceremony.
    • Send a letter to all the parents of Phikeias.
    • Administer and evaluate the Big Brother program.
    • Organize the Phikeia retreat.
    • Grade tests over the Phikeia manual.
    • Prepare for the initiation ceremony.
  3. Sit on the Pallas committee.
  4. Monitor each Phikeias’ progress.
  5. Report to the chapter the Phikeias’ progress.
  6. Assist in the planning and execution of initiation.

Techniques for the Phikeia Educator:

Developing Your Phikeia Education Program:

The Pallas Committee:
Follows the progress of the Phikeia and recommends them to the chapter for initiation. The committee should have scheduled sessions with each Phikeia during the middle and at the end of the Phikeia Education Program and also will have to deal with disciplinary situations as they arise. There may be times when a Phikeia’s conduct or his lack of performance calls for some type of confrontation. The Pallas Committee was designed to deal with these situations in a positive and constructive manner. The committee will help take the burden of disciplinary responsibility from the Phikeia educator and the Big Brothers.

The Pallas Committee should be made up of a Chairman, the Phikeia Educator, the Scholarship Chairman, a Junior or Senior member, and an Alumnus if possible. The format of each committee could vary from chapter to chapter.

Pallas Committee meetings should be held in roundtable fashion to put the Phikeia at ease. The Phikeia should meet with the committee seperate from other Phikeia but his Big Brother should be present. This meeting is a chance for the committee to praise what the individual is doing well and address any areas of concern. There should also be time for the Phikeia to give feedback on the program and any issues that he is having with classwork, the Phikeia Program, and any problems with Phikeia brothers or active and alumni members.

Big Brothers:
The purpose of the Big Brother is to help the Phikeia make the difficult transition to college life. The Big Brothers can remember what it was like when they first joined the Fraternity. With a new group of friends, a new environment, and rigorous study schedule, adjusting to college life is intimidating. The Big Brother should answer the Phikeia’s questions, help him meet the demands of The Phikeia program, introduce him to the campus, and make him feel at ease.

Big Brother Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Attend an orientation meeting with the Phikeia educator
  • Attend the Big Brother ceremony
  • Attend all scheduled Big Brother activities
  • Meet with the Little Brother's professors once during the Phikeia period
  • Attend Pallas Committee with your Little Brother
  • Ensure the Little Brother is paying his bills
  • Monitor the Little Brother's progress in his studies and encourage him
  • Spend time one-on-one with your Little Brother at least once a week
  • Ensure that the Little Brother is meeting the requirements of The Phikeia Program so that he may be initiated

Best Practices/ Things that Work:

Things that Don't Work:

Positive Phikeia Activities: