Recruitment Chairman’s Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Develop and facilitate a year-round recruitment program. Recruitment should not be limited to only those few weeks designated as “Rush” periods.
  2. Serve as the chairman of the recruitment committee.
  3. Maintain an up-to-date listing of all prospective members including important information such as age, year, address, phone number, and interest.
  4. Be aware of all college/university recruitment rule and regulations, in addition to those of Phi Delta Theta. Inform the chapter of these regulations.
  5. Help educate the chapter members on methods of effective recruitment.
  6. Maintain ongoing statistical information for the Chapter (i.e. number of men offered bids, men offered bids but accepting other offers, accepted bids, male enrollment, males per class, chapter size, chapter retention rate, etc.)
  7. Oversee all recruitment promotion of the Fraternity. Approve all flyers, recruitment events, posters, schedules, brochures, t-shirts, mailings, etc. Remember, the general public will see these so we want them to represent us well.
  8. At all events and activities, ensure all potential new members are attended to properly. Don’t leave potential members alone.
  9. Encourage and request the participation of all chapter members in the recruitment process and recruitment functions.
  10. Coordinate efforts with the alumni secretary for alumni involvement in recruitment events and recommendations.
  11. Maintain current knowledge of all chapter and Fraternity operations, policies and benefits. Know similar information about other fraternities in the Greek community. Educate members in these areas so they can effectively communicate them to prospective members.
  12. Hold recruitment workshops to inform and discuss with all chapter members issues and procedures. Establish and clearly define objectives and goals for the recruitment program.
  13. Oversee the extension of bids to join the Fraternity. Establish clear responsibilities and procedures to follow to avoid confusion.

Techniques for the Recruitment Chairman:

Developing a Year-Round Recruitment Program:

The Recruitment Committee:

Recruitment Resources:

How to Respond to Frequently Stated Concerns:

Its always a good idea to answer their question with another question. Many times you will get a general response from them at first but if you can get more information about their specific issues within that category it helps to be able to answer their questions without them feeling like you are just feeding them bull.

Don't have enough time:
  • "Do you know how much time it takes?"
  • "How much time do you think you have to offer to the organization?"
  • "I know that your busy but we like the fact that you have other involvements."

It will affect my grades:
  • "Do you know about our scholarship program?"
  • "Let me introduce you to our scholarship chairman, he might be able to help with your concerns."
  • "We have a weekly study hall for all of our members."
  • "We help members find tutors in the areas that they struggle with."

My parents don't want me to:
  • "What are their concerns?"
  • "Would they like to come to our parents weekend this fall and meet some of the members?"
  • It helps if you have a parent or alumnus who is willing to talk to worried parents and explain the value of the organization. Parents tend to accept that information better from an older individual rather than a college student.

It costs too much:
  • "Do you know how much it costs?"
  • "How much do you think you could afford?"
  • "Can I show you a breakdown of how we spend our money?"
  • "Do you know about all of the benefits that we provide to our members?"
  • Having a price comparison of living in your chapter house compared to the dorms and apartments/houses in the area can be helpful.

I'm worred about alcohol and hazing:
  • "What sort of activities do you think we have that concern you?"
  • "Did you know that we have an alcohol free chapter house?"
  • "Let me show you our alcohol and hazing policies."
  • "Let me show you our pledge education process."

I don't want to pay for my friends:

Best Practices/ Things that Work:

Things that Don't Work: