The general fraternity officially chartered Phi Delta Theta at Schreiner University May 2003 after being a colony for the year prior. Upon that day twenty six men, largely from the 2002 and 2003 Schreiner University Men’s Soccer Team, were initiated as the first brothers of the Texas Sigma chapter of Phi Delta Theta, there names are: (Note, two of these men were later removed from the bond of Phi Delta Theta, and names are not listed)
1. Alex Frietag, 2. Joey Miller, 3. Nico Ojeda, 4. Casey Ellison, 5. Xavier Perez, 6.
Dewayne Kirksey, 7.
Chris Hernandez, 8.
Scooter Womack, 9. Josh Dolan, 10.
Paul Huchton,
11. Clint Langford, 12. Micah Wrase, 13. Chris Campbell,
14. Nate Deaton,
15. Garrett Parker, 17. Jamie Lopez,
18. Jimmy Fluegel,
19. Scott Huckabay, 20. Carlos Ruiz, 21. Lance Hrncir, 23. Nick Johnson, 24. Dustin Hicklin,
25. Jude Tortorice,
26. Nick Valenta
The colony had been directed under the leadership of Casey Ellison. The following fall chapter was lead into its first semester active by its first President Nico Ojedo #3. Since its foundation in 2003, the chapter had a storied first few years at Schreiner University. As the first fraternity on campus, the system within which the chapter was working was still growing. The fraternity began to develop its traditions beginning with the development of the annual haunted house, and for the first two years of the active chapter the chapter won two (2) of the highest awards that could be received, the Gold Star, and the GHQ trophy.
The chapter continued on under the leadership of the presidents, Chris Hernandez #7 and Jimmy Fluegel #18. The exerted itself as part of campus life at Schreiner University. During the two terms served by the next President Dustin Hill #37 the fraternity exerted itself particularly in the area of membership of other student organizations, including at one point having 13 members on the Schreiner University Student Senate, which continues today with 16% of the senate being held by members of the Texas Sigma Chapter, and over 50% of all non-freshmen males (at the time this copy of the history was written, the spring Phikeia class has not been selected, therefore, freshmen have no been allowed to go through recruitment due to deferred recruitment and not included in this calculation). This tradition also continued in the number of the chapters who participated in the honors program or honor organizations with 7 members currently in the honors program or in an honor organization.
Following the term of Dustin Hill, the chapter was led by two presidents Cody Julian #63 and Zack Browning #47 each serving only one semester as president. This period of time was the beginning of a reorganization of the chapter, which took full effect under President Matthew Jepson #66. Under Matthew Jepson’s first term with the work of Community Service Chairman Stephen Mendoza #79 the chapter began efforts toward the national Philanthropy, ALS, because Brother Mendoza’s grandmother had died of it. In this first semester the chapter raised $1,302.83 dollars for ALS, gaining recognition from the South Texas Chapter of the ALS Association winning the Gehrig Gang Challenge Trophy, for raising the most money of any other Phi Delta Theta chapter in the region. The chapter then briefly elected Brother Matthew Moreno #67 as President, however he had to resign very shortly afterwards, in connection to a probation the chapter was put on with Schreiner University due too traveling without authorization to a conference of the fraternity, and Brother Jepson #66 stepped up to serve as President for his semester on campus as an interim-president serving a half of a semester term. The chapter did not Shrink in this circumstances and ended up with its largest pledge class sense the campus switched to differed spring recruitment of freshmen, and under the leadership of Relay for Life Team Captain Stephen Mendoza #79 the chapter raised $655 for the American Cancer Society, entirely through bake sales.
The chapter enters in to its current year with now Brother William Keaton #76 as its President, were the chapter under Community Service Chairman Braden Barnett #86 and President Keaton #76 the chapter became the cosponsors of the universities signature community service events Shack-A-Thon, which has been an annual tradition of the university, and the 3rd largest annual community service event. In one afternoon $906.24 were raised by 11 teams, entirely through panhandling on university property from professors, community members, and students. Phi Delta Theta raised $214.49 the most of any one team, and the five combined freshman teams raised $513.52 in one afternoon. The Chapter nearly lost the haunted house due too the installation of a new fire marshal in Kerrville, however the Haunted House did go one being the most attended haunted house in chapter history under the leadership of Brother John Hernandez #82. At the conclusion of the 2010 fall semester Brother Keaton was re-upped for a full term as chapter president, and Brother Hernandez was brought on as Vice President too complete the Chapters restructuring process in hopes of returning the chapter to Gold Star Standard.